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those relentless dreams.

Nude study. Graphite. 20 x 30 cm.


Relentless dreams … making you pass the night waking, following your every step by day.

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I dont sleep I dream

Another monochrome nude drawing from photo reference, size 60 x 30 cm.

i dont sleep i dream

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my great little love, my great little brother :).

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hands-on part three: fleshed out

It’s been some time since I did some studies of the skeleton and muscles of the hand. Finally, I turned to the hand theme again, this time with my own hand as reference.

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small smile.

Again a portrait from photo reference. I finished it in relatively short time, trying not to get lost in too many details.

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upside down

A nude drawing for a change…
I tried to do it relatively quick but then got stuck with some details.

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A quick one

I started this portrait with the intention of finishing it quickly. Altogether, it took me little more than an hour plus some minor corrections – which is indeed rather fast compared to my natural snail-like speed of drawing.. :).

I started with just a very quick outline, and then went on to capture the details, yet letting the pencil flow freely over the paper to form the face.

Unfortunately I, am mostly quite a lot on the perfectionist side. So once I start a drawing I really want it to be close to perfect (or at least as far as I can push it…). With this one, I really had to force myself to just let it be as it is after a certain point. And I must say that I am really quite pleased with the result. Though it doesn’t capture every little detail of the original, I think it has a very natural touch to it, which I like a lot. I’d be happy to hear what you think!

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