completely peaceful.

After a long, long time I have managed to find some inspiration and started with another portrait drawing. Below you see the result in three steps.

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I dont sleep I dream

Another monochrome nude drawing from photo reference, size 60 x 30 cm.

i dont sleep i dream

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male #1

Finally, I managed to do the first male nude drawing, as a counterpart to the female drawings here, here, and here. I hope I can continue with another drawing some time this week.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t got round to doing some real anatomic studies (or should I say, I wasn’t motivated enough to do them?). So please, be kind and ignore the anatomical flaws you may spot ;).

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Many people can’t relate to thinking of a cat as something other than a plain animal, a lower form of being. To me, cats are quite a lot more, with their own understanding of the world, their own communication, their own way of being. They come to us as a kitten and while growing up, they develop their very own personality. So, this is my homage to those great little beings – and especially to each and every of the beautiful cats who once lived at our home.

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the beauty of age.

This is my first portrait of an old person, in the sense that I have thouroughly carried out the different phases which I usually do for a portrait. The drawing was really quite different from previous work due to the completely different physiognomy as well as the wrinkled structure of the skin.

I am quite happy with the result, since it turned out to express the beauty of age quite close to how I intended it to be.

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…in the making.

… four stages of a pencil drawing. I used a photograph as model.

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just another space for my art side of life…

This blog is my private little space to display my art work and whatever visually appealing stuff I may create or stumble upon in future. Enjoy!


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